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Love Your Futureby Healing Your Past

When things change inside you,

things change around you.

Meet Dr. Kelly A James

Kelly James, PhD, LPC, moved to Tulsa to go to graduate school and decided to make it her home. She worked in the mental health field for 23+ years beginning work with the chronically mentally ill for a number of years and then worked with children and families in DHS custody for over 10 years while having a part-time private practice.

Kelly has been in full-time private practice for over eight years working with individuals who have experienced trauma or distressing events.

Kelly received a doctorate from Regent University, School of Psychology and Counseling, two Master of Arts degrees from Oral Roberts University – Licensed Professional Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy, and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Arkansas.

In addition to full-time private practice, James is an adjunct professor at Yorkville University in Canada teaching a variety of classes in the Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology program, and an Affiliate Professor for the Counselor’s View of Italy Institute in Reggello, Italy.


Emotion Code & Body Code

The Emotion Code is a simple and transformative energy-based healing technique that is used to quickly and easily identify and release emotional energy that has been trapped. The Body Code can help identify the underlying root causes of physical and emotional discomfort, suffering, and sickness in the body and spirit.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing – a powerful and effective therapeutic approach that addresses numerous types of distressing events an individual may have experienced. EMDR has been widely researched with proven benefits for a variety of issues including PTSD, stress, anxiety, depression, crises, and panic to name a few.


Needing help identifying what is next in your life can be exciting.  It can also be challenging in identifying the obstacles to getting where you want to be. A Professional Life Coach can assist you in focusing on the present to bridge the gap to your future.

Straight From Dr. Kelly James

Three Key Points For Change

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"Kelly and EMDR literally saved my life. I was desperate and suicidal. Since doing EMDR, I have not felt that way once." -W.T.
"Kelly has helped me to feel safe and have hope again. She has helped me to gain the ability to feel content with myself and lose the codependent need for an unhealthy spouse. Now, I have peace instead of turmoil while dealing with my unhealthy adult children." - M.W.
"After years of abuse I did not think I could be free from the intrusive thoughts and flashbacks. But, with EMDR I am free to live my life, like Kelly says, the way I choose to live, not directed by past abuse." - S.L.T.

Why Aren't You Over This By Now?

Trauma is insidious. Lingering for years, decades, unaddressed, and unresolved. In Why Aren’t You Over This By Now, Susan Bachmann and Dr. Kelly James help you understand how trauma may have affected your life, understand the process of trauma therapy with actual case examples, help you decide when to see professional help and introduce you to the different options for therapy. Visit to learn more.

The Radio Show

“I am to blame.”
“I should be over the things that happened to me.”
“It has to be my fault, why else would it have happened?”

These are just a few of the statements many clients have said over the years. The truth is that we all have things that happen in our lives. We all have stuff. Dr. James was abused as a child, abused in her marriage, and abused by the legal system and struggled to get over it. She kept searching for anything that would help her feel better; to not feel the way she had felt for so long. Finally, she found a way to heal her past in order to love her future.

As co-author of the book, Why Aren’t You Over This By Now? How Trauma Messes You Up and What To Do About It, Dr. James shares how events in life have negatively affected individuals as a way to help eliminate self-blame, guilt, shame, and negative self-talk. Dr. James has over two decades of experience in the mental health field focusing on how trauma affects you from a neurobiological, body-based perspective intermingled with quantum physics.

Listen at Bold Brave Media – Tuesday’s at 4:00 pm central time, 5:00 pm eastern time.

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