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Coaching is different from counseling in a variety of ways. A way to think about the difference is that a licensed counselor typically helps with present-day backward and a certified coach helps in the here and now, present-day forward.

A certified coach will partner with a client to help discover what is best for them through a process of using powerful questions, listening skills, identifying limiting beliefs, and designing action steps that lead to the desired change. A main goal of coaching is to empower a client to be able to maximize potential, gain awareness, discover what is important, understand their strengths, to create the future he or she wants. My coaching style focuses on the belief that clients have the answer to the issues in his or her life but may need help finding those answers.

It can also be challenging to understand the obstacles to getting where you want to be. As a certified coach, I can assist you in focusing on the present to bridge the gap to your future.

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Kelly James, PhD, LPC, moved to Tulsa to go to graduate school and decided to make it her home. She worked in the mental health field for 23+ years beginning work with the chronically mentally ill for a number of years and then worked with children and families in DHS custody for over 10 years while having a part-time private practice.

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